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Default Well this depends how is used.

I could care less if you call me gringo.
I loveit when I was in college and my girlfriend used to call me "mi gringo" as a matter of fact. I think the word was created by the mexicans during the invasion os USA to Mexico which they went all the way to the Capital doors of Mexico City where the president (presidente Santana) tried to sell Mexico for 6 millions) I should say dollars? when the America Army Was running wild thru the Mexican valleys some of these valleys in Mexico are green lush and beutiful and the American men were siging " green goes the valleys... so the mexicans which spoke only Spanish back then, heard greengoes the vallley so greengoes to gringo was just one step. Hey don't believe me, believe Dr. Zasdi my history professor in my University. Now she is an old lady retiered in New York. Great person...
Bye Gringo...

Originally Posted by fuseli View Post
Gringo es definitivamente un insulto.Gringo=("Green go home").En España suena igual de mal que en América.

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