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(I'm not going to respond to previous points, though you're probably right in what some of you said )

Originally Posted by eldeano View Post
Terrorists can strike anywhere. However, for maximum impact they would look to blow up an aircraft in the sky rather than the same number of passengers on the ground - especially if it's a US carrier bound for the US.

There are dangerous people out there. If I have to parade every day in front of a scanner to reduce the chances of one of them becoming front page news, so be it.
It's that kind of repetition of phrases that makes me sad. Are those truly your own words? Of course they can strike anywhere. It's whether they actually will, the probabilities and the frequency that actually matter. An aircraft could be a big attack, but so could London Waterloo train station at 5.30pm. So could a large headquarters of an international company. Are you going to fear every place where there is a large collection of people? It does no good honing in on that particular threat of airplanes because it's sensationalist, popular and is using the heart strings of everyone affected by 11/9/2001. The fear is spread and exacerbated by the media.

A terrorist will probably choose a US-bound plane because it will (as history has proven):

a) Be shown in nearly every newspaper around the world.
b) cause multiple governments to take knee-jerk reactions
c) Make said government take drastic measures that take away our freedom and liberties.

It's our fear of terrorism, our love for the media, hidden interests and our belief that it's entirely the government's responsibility to take every measure to ensure our 100% safety, at all times, everywhere that enables the above.
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