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Originally Posted by Diana View Post
Of course you can ask! Here goes: One daughter, Kathy, and her husband, Jochen, took off for India two years ago - searching. They both had spent several years working as psychologists in Munich, she a family therapist and yoga instructor and he in industry. They had both been to India for 6 months several years before and had decided to go back someday before having a family.

They drove in their home-made camper-like vehicle from Germany to India and have documented this (unfortunately for many, almost all in German) under - also with great pictures.

On the way, they interviewed many people in each country and in India they travelled, meditated, did yoga, listened to monks and studied Eastern philosophies - searching for ways to happiness and freedom in life and a better way to help (as psychologists) others to cope.

They have actually found what they were looking for - interesting enough in "Great Freedom teachings" by an American woman, who gives seminars in Rishikesh each year. (The teachings are very practical, somewhat philosophical, but basically a way to peace of mind and ease of being in daily life. Not at all a religion, useful to anyone and everyone, they say.)

Now they too hold these seminars and plan to drive back to Germany in the spring and start translating them into German.

Our other daughter, Annette, also a psychologist, is with them in Rishikesh preparing to become an instructor too.

By the way, all three love yoga also (and so do I)!
Lovely pictures that have helped me to start my working day with a smile - which by the way was needed as I've got a terrible cold and my nose is dripping like an open tap - I specially liked some of the Tibet ones and I enjoyed some of the albums that had English captions.

I still can not believe that they went all the way from Germany to India in a camper van driving, what an amazing adventure!!! I'd love to go on a long holiday to India & Tibet one day and do some yoga courses. Actually I found the webpage of the course that you mentioned and I even saw a picture of your daughter there.
I've bookmarked it to have a proper look at later.
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