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Originally Posted by gary View Post
At the time of filming I was in BCN and accused by a 'local character' in a bar in Raval of being one of the film crew. The lady was not happy that her favourite bar was closed a few days earlier when Mr Allen was filming there. I paid a euro for a piece of her "artwork" and she left me alone.

A 4**** hotel/apartment complex has recently opened in Rambla de Raval which, together with the visitors that the film will pull in will, I am sure, begin to change the character of the area for good. Now would be a good time to visit Raval so you can remember it as it was before tha money moved in...
Between you and Woody, I'm sure there's a lot more curiosity and interest to visit Barcelona. Leslie is quite taken with the artisitic orientation the city seems to offer. I think she's at least equally as interested in the Bardem orientation Barcelona may offer
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