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Default Requirements for Renting in Spain

Hi, my wife and I are excited to be finally living out our dream of moving to Spain. I have a job lined up in Madrid and we're hoping to arrive in about a month (pending the timing of my work visa). In advance of the move, we're going to be in Madrid from June 2 -15 with the hope of finding an apartment to move into on July 1st (I've found a number of potential places on However, it seems like renting an apartment is a more complicated process in Spain than it is in the states. I've done some internet research, but still have a number of questions.

1. What documents are required to rent an apartment (visa, NIE, etc.)? Does this vary by landlord or is it pretty standard across the board?

2. I frequently hear that hiring a "gestor" is expensive but worth it. As a non-EU expat, is it possible to rent without a gestor? Note: I have a couple of Madrileno friends that have offered to help bridge the language gap, as I'm a low-intermediate level speaker.

3. How much is an average gestor fee? (I'm sure they vary, so a rough, rough estimate is fine).

4. Is there a reliable website I can use to find a gestor (assuming I need one)?

5. I have proof of funds in a U.S. bank account that would be sufficient to cover an "aval" assuming it is required. Do I need to have a local bank account when I enter into the rental contract or would a USD account suffice?

6. Assuming I have all of the necessary documents, how long does the process of renting an apartment in Madrid generally take? Ideally, I'd like to be in by July 1st. Is this realistic?

7. Last (and probably best suited for another thread), we've been looking for a place primarily in Retiro and Salamanca, in addition to a few places near Plaza Mayor. Any other suggestions for similar barrios to live in? Note: I'll be working near Santiago Bernabeau and would like to find a nice neighborhood that isn't a terrible commute via metro.

I know I've posted a lot of questions, so many thanks in advance for your help.

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