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Originally Posted by kyle
and getting on topic, keyboard layout in GNU/Linux (at least on intel) is the sanest I've found; we can type almost any sign (or even guess them):

control + alt + c =
control + alt + o =
control + alt + s =

and of course, we have good "dead keys" combinations ( ` ^ ) and native keys (, ). The only thing I'm unsure is about the vowels and tildes (I don't write portugese!)
is alt + c on a mac

- tilde on a mac is alt + n then release and type an n

- accent type alt+e then release ant type the letter you want eith an accent

- Circumflex is alt + u then release and type the letter

- Umlout is alt + u release and type the letter

œ ∑ † π ∂ ƒ ∆ ˚ Ω ≈ √ ∫ ~
Œ „ ‰ ∏  ◊ ◊ı ˆ ˜ ˘

etc all standard on mac if you know there they are, Being a Mac guy in a PC world you have to be able to be a slider - the OS is the OS its the apps!

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