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Originally Posted by richardksa View Post
How much of an effort was it to slow down? Did you script it for the simpler Spanish? Although it sounded very natural. You will have my quid each week from now on.
Hi Richard, glad you liked it! We never really script anything beyond having maybe a list of things to cover in a rough order. It was tricky to slow down at first - we listened to a CD from an intermediate book to guage the level a bit, which helped. I was surprised how close to normal, full-speed Spanish 'Intermediate' is - it's not just about slowing down, more about not letting sentences run off at a hundred miles an hour.

Still, when we recorded the third one, we came a bit unstuck and kept speaking super-fast 'Advanced' level Spanish - Solution? A post-it on each of our foreheads with "Intermediate" in bold lettering!
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