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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Has anyone got a suggestion for a good Spanish book written in the first person singular? I fancy working on improving that aspect of my Spanish. I don't really want anything too smacking of Literature. A decent thriller/crime novel would be fine.
Not sure how you define 'first person singular' in terms of a novel but I have been reading Camilla Lackberg. She has 4 novels about Swedish crimes with plenty of direct conversation. Very well written and translated. To give credit to the translator she is Carmen Montes Cano. I find translated books are better than spanish author originals for improving my spanish. There seems (to me at least) to be a more consistent use of phraseology.

The plots are detailed and interesting. The four run in order and the background characters develop novel to novel - so worth reading in the correct order.

The first one was "La Princesa de Hielo". (400 paginas mas o menos) : isbn 978-84-96748-16-3

I paid 10 Euros for each in posh paperback form.

I enjoyed them so much I tried another Swedish offering by Asa Larsson : 'Aurora Boreal' Bit darker (crimewise) and slightly tougher Spanish. Preferred Camilla but still very good .

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