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Quiero conocerla [la=her=that new daughter , is implicit] (le, in Spain)

If my Language teacher saw this, she would kick me .
It's clearer now, thank you.

I would like to add(?) something:
one thing I remember about direct object and how to recognize it, is the passive/active form(/voice):

If the word can be changed into subject of the sentence (in a passive voice), then it is a direct object.

Los obreros construyeron el edificio. (active voice)
El edificio fue construido por los obreros. (passive voice)

Quiero conocer a tu familia
Passive voice should be:
Tu familia quiere ser conocida por mí

But this example is a bit more complicated for me.
Quiero conocerla (a tu familia)
First, we need to know who refer 'la' in order to do the conversion.
Ella quiere ser conocida por mí.

I think I must re-learn what I have seen at school about syntactic analysis (especially "objecto directo" and "objecto indirecto") before to continue explaining here.
(I have not seen sintaxis since I finished school.)
See you later
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