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Hello Cronos,

Those words 'entender' and 'comprender' are synonyms that have some definitions in common, and other different meanings. When used as synonyms, they mean exactly the same, you can say 'Yo entiendo lo que dices' or 'Yo comprendo lo que dices', and both have the same meaning 'I understand what you say'
If I had to draw a thin line between when to use one or another, I would say that 'entender' is more 'understand what you say' and 'comprender' is 'understand your acts or your thoughts', there is even a saying in Spanish, 'Te entiendo pero no te comprendo' , a nonsense if you don't have that thin line in mind, but as I said, this is just figurative 'para que comprendas cómo yo lo entiendo'.

Then you have the other acceptations of the words, for example 'entender' means 'being gay', if you are a man, and another ask you in Chueca '¿ tú entiendes ?' without no apparent reason, then now you 'comprendes' what he is asking you.
Also 'comprender' means for example 'to include', 'Extremadura comprende Cáceres y Badajoz'.

You can use then also to avoid reiteration.

Espero haberme hecho entender (comprender) y que hayas comprendido (entendido) mi explicación.

I know I could explain this better in Spanish, but how could you correct my English then ?
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