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Originally Posted by Patty View Post
Edith - I liked reading all your comments. You appear to have a lot of knowledge on the matter. I have read a little about the Jewish population in Spain during the inquisition and I would say that I agree with your thoughts. Never have I heard of crypto-Jews nor the connection with witchcraft. I have read one book about that time period and would recommend it anyone....unfortunately at this hour of the morning I can't remember the name but will get it if anyone is interested.
Hi Patty,

Learning about new books is always interesting! When you remember the name, please let us know!

Crypto-Jews who went into hiding during the Inquisition, for instance by pretending they were Christians and/or by changing their surnames. Some people have held this against them, but of course it was just a way to escape from persecution. Some other ethnic groups have done this too while they were facing similar circumstances. During their persecution by the Mexican government around 1900, the Yaqui Indians of northwestern Mexico reacted in almost eaxctly the same way as the Crypto-Jews did, i.e. by changing their surnames and by assuming a new identity.

During the Middle Ages, Jews were accused of many things, e.g. poisoning wells or adding the blood of Christian children to their matzos (even though Jewish religion strictly forbids the eating any kind of blood product, even to the point of rejecting eggs which may contain a tiny little spec of blood). Like Muslims, observant Jews will not eat anything which is not in accordance with their dietary laws., and ritual cannibalism is unheard of in both religions. But medieval people were very superstitious, and prone to believe just almost any kind of rumor they heard about the Jews.

According to some historians, some of the old Hispano families in New Mexico are descended from Crypto-Jews and some may actually still be practising some Jewish customs. Kathleen Alcalá is a Mexican-American writer of Jewish and Opata Indian descent wo writes about these issues in her semi-autobiographical novels. She says both her Jewish and her Native American ancestors were persecuted in the past. I can look up the names of these novels for you if you want when I get home.
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