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Default barcelona for a night– how to stay safe?

Hiya! I'm heading to Spain in a week and I will have to spend a night in Barcelona alone as I have an early flight out. As an extremely trusting Canadian, going to a city with a rampant pickpocketing problem is a bit scary. Plus my spanish husband is convinced it's a super dangerous city despite never having been there . But I can't be in Barcelona and not see something! Can anyone tell me how concerned I really should be?

Here's my plan: I'll be there on a Friday night– arriving around 4pm on the train. I was thinking about staying right near the Passeig de Gracia station. Then I can catch the Aerobus from the Plaça de Catalunya from there in the morning (6.30am). I'd like to go for a walk around to see a bit of the city so I want to stay downtown (and I can't afford a proper hotel).

If anyone who knows Barcelona could let me know whether any of this is a bad idea I'd be very grateful. (This is the hostel I'm considering btw:

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