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Default muchas gracias

Originally Posted by eldeano View Post
Firstly, I meant the train, not the metro. The stations are in separate places - the train station being outside Casa Batlló, close to your hotel.

Secondly, I suspect there is a far reduced risk of pickpocketing at this time of year. I understand that pickpockets thrive on there being crowds and much hustle and bustle where they are less conspicuous. When it's relatively quieter they are far more obvious when they appear to be making a bee-line towards you.

Thirdly, all the above advice is sound. Carry little and keep any valuables as inaccessible as possible - I usually shove everything in trouser front pockets. I'd like to see someone try to extricate my cash from there without me noticing (or maybe not)!
Ahhh I see, for some reason I didn't realise the airport train went to Passeig de Gracia, I thought it stopped at Sants. In that case I'll probably check it out when I arrive and see what seems easiest. Thanks for clarifying!

Thanks for the tips everyone. I shall be incorporating them all into my Official Anti-Pickpocket Strategy (including locks for my suitcases, putting my handbag in my locked luggage and my passport in my boots, giving everyone the evil eye, etc). I'm determined not to let them get one single centimo!
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