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Sorry, for the dealy, I don't have regular Internet access...

Originally Posted by Margot View Post
Hola "Tercer Hombre" y bienvenido
Tu manera de estudiar me parece perfecto.
Y con tanto ánimo de mejorar tu español.....¡alcanzarás el nivel de tu hermano dentro de poco!

Gracias para las palabras simpático

Originally Posted by evita13 View Post
you said you are studing at University, I'm trying to get a scholarship to do a Master in Spanish. Do you know is any internet link to know about international scholarships at American Universities?
Unfortunately, I am not studying at Univerity. I have took it upon myself to learn independently by way of a computer course; reading grammar book and Spanish language story books; speaking with my brother etc.

Sorry, but I don't know of any links to help you.

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