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Originally Posted by richardksa View Post
Reasonable? Hmm! This sounds like a new definition of the word. This is like that grafitti that states, "Be reasonable - Agree with me".
I think Iīve made my case pretty clear, and to me (and others) it seems very reasonable for all the explications above which I wonīt go through again.

I suppose my problem is that I really don't mind what others do. If that's what turns their crank then that is ok with me. (Of course so long as it is legal and even a few thing that aren't. It is just not my business). And so I don't understand when people start demanding that I should behave in a certain way to please them. (So long as I am not doing something illegal!)
Thatīs very liberal of you. Well, I would mind if somebody elseīs smoke were damaging my health! It IS all of our business! There is a big difference between someone doing their own thing and doing their own thing whilst having a negative impact on others! This is why we have laws! You could just as well say you donīt mind people murdering others. Or child neglect. Itīs our business when it affects the wellbeing of others!

Oh, and in the UK, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, Lithuania, Slovakia and Sweden your behaviour WOULD be illegal! Obviously these governments feel it is their business, wouldnīt you say?

In a society we have all types. As a functioning society we should learn to get along. If there is inequality, and I prepared to admit that the fact there are more places to smoke than not is unequal, then as a society we should remedy that.
How do you suggest they do that? Both Edith and I have said that if itīs possible to have places where both can be accommodated, then fine, but I donīt understand how this can be achieved.

But we should not impose outright bans. That would be just swinging the pendulum the other way. Too often, within living memory, we have seen the tragedy when that happens.
When has putting a stop to an antisocial, destructive behaviour (not person/individual/society) ended in tragedy?

I find it curious that the smokers here have suggested ways, or showed sympathy with the plight of the non-smoker, but that the non-smokers have not once recognised that.
Not true. Edith has said she is all for smoking rooms in the workplace, I have said that if thereīs a way to accommodate both smokers/non-smokers in an implementable way, then great!

@VS. I have been in restaurants where the smoking section was simply deliniated but a row of potted ferns. And yes, I thought that was silly.But the new glass-partitioned, well ventilated smoking sections being introduced in restaurants do the job very well.
You keep talking about restaurants and almost totally missing the points Iīve made various times! Yes, you and your friends can choose to arrange to meet in a non-smoking restaurant, but when you want to just drop in somewhere for a coffee, a lunchtime menú or a coffee itīs not easy! Apart from that, I would rarely return to the same restaurant every time, and to find a new restaurant for each outing which is non-smoking would be almost impossible. Couple that with the fact that you most often donīt have the say on where a group of friends would go, itīs rare that a non-smoking place will be chosen for the simple fact that there are so few. Plus, to eat in a large restaurant is not so common in Spain - itīs just as likely youīll be eating in a small bar, where there is no space nor funds to create two glass-partitioned areas.

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