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Originally Posted by Ben View Post

The Notes from Spain forum is sadly coming to a close.

******¿¿¿¡¡¡ + *****!!!???

"...... wonderful community."

want to thank forum member Greytop for doing a wonderful job of keeping the spammers ***and foreros*** under control.....
.....also like to thank all of the other moderators, and all of the members in general for making this such an incredibly friendly place over the last 5 years.
***Yes, Yes, Yes***
..... as of next Friday (November 12th), the forum will be closed to new posts.
###NOOO, noo, no...well ....ok

"......wonderful discussions ....about Spain and Learning Spanish ..."
".....such a fantastic place to hang out over the years. ...have made many friends here..."
I'm uncharacteristically a bit..well.... started (above) by just letting YOUR words express a little of what I feel.

Gracias Ben y Marina....
Espero que para vosotros y Leo los próximos 5 años sean tan productivos, creativos, satisfechos y felices como los cinco pasados.
Os echo de menos ya y - ya echo de menos el foro único de NFS


Un abrazo
"La ViajeraVerdaderaVirtual" (élla quien he viajado a todas partes con NFS).....
ps: mine is the missing "thumbs up" thanks beneath your message Ben...try as I have for some unknown reason - my browser prevents me from adding my name to the list- quizás sea mi tristeza :-(

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