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Originally Posted by Pippa View Post
Soy el chico que te salvó del naufragio:I am the boy who saved you from the shipwreck
Soy el chico que = el, 3rd person singular. Imagine you can also say: El chico te salvó del naufragio, 3rd person singular, but it happens that that boy is me, so I am using 3rd person singular.
On the other hand, if you say: Yo te salvé del naufragio, 1st person singular, I saved you from the shipwreck

Tú eres el chico que me salvaste del naufragio. You are the boy who saved me from the shipwreck.= tu me salvaste del naufragio = You saved me from the shipwreck. 2nd person singular.
Shouldn't "Tú eres el chico que me salvaste de naufragio" be "Tú eres el chico que me salvó del naufragio"? I would think that the same explanation you gave for using salvó in the earlier sentence applies here as well. The second sentence is saying that the boy saved me and it happens that the boy is you--thus, you need to use the 3rd person singular here as well.
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