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Default Help with road choice - Madrid to Rota

I'm flying into Madrid in two days' time, and I need to get from there down to Rota. Nobody in my group (myself included) had figured out that the train tickets are cheaper the earlier you purchase them, so tickets for the train are quite a bit more expensive than a rental car was.

I know it's a bit of a drive from Madrid to Rota, but a Google Maps search indicates that I've got at least two options that use A roads for most of their distance.

The first is to head southwest out of Madrid on the A-5, which gradually turn southwest until it hits Merida, then the A-66 down to Sevilla and finishing up on the AP-4. This is supposedly the fastest way.

The other option is to head due south out of Madrid on the A-4 all the way to Sevilla and again, finish the trip on the AP-4.

The drive times look comparable, and I'm getting into Madrid rather early in the morning, and I've got all day to get to Rota. I'd prefer to take the route with the best views.

Has anyone around here driven some or part of one of these routes? Any opinions on which one is more enjoyable?

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