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eldeano said: "When it comes to convering in Spanish, we Brits are very conscious about making mistakes - often to the point that if we know we won't get it right we won't even bother.

Yet when we observe someone for whom English is not their primary language but who is willing to have a go in order to get their point across or just even practise, we are full of admiration for them despite the mistakes they make."

When I first moved to Holland I worried about not speaking perfectly. One day I realized that I would probably NEVER speak Dutch perfectly, and I would never be able to hide my American accent. So I just started talking; I thought "the heck with it, who cares if I sound stupid, as long as I get my message across". It worked! Now everyone I talk to knows I come frome somewhere else, but all of my conversations are 100 Dutch. And if I trip over a word, or a sentence - so what!?

In the States we love 'foreign' accents, we think they're charming and cute, or sexy and sophisticated. I try to remember that here; maybe people think it's fun to listen to me.

Oh, and I dislike making telephone calls in any language, even my native English. Whenever possible I prefer a face-to-face talk, even if it's sometimes inconvenient.
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