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Originally Posted by rob
I'm off to Cala Blanca for the 3rd year in a row on Friday. It seems like a quaint little place, very quiet and very boring unless you start moving around the place.

Have you found any gems in Ciutadella, I've been there before but I've seen the market and the harbour and don't seem to have found much else there. Also, I have no idea how to pronounce the name because everytime I tried the bus drivers gave me a confused look and didn't seem to understand.

I know they speak Menorquín and I assume they all speak Spanish too but I wondered if the Menorcans were a little like the Catalonians in that they are very proud of their language to the point where some will refuse to talk to you if you speka to them in Spanish.

Anyway, ramble over
If it´s your third year here, I´d bet you know the place better than me. Ciutadella, as far as I can tell, is pronounced as in Spanish with a soft C (i.e. not a ´th` sound). Syootadeya. I´ve also heard the t being omitted, i.e. Syooadeya. I´ve been complimented for my Spanish pronunciation - something I can attribute to my being Scottish - because I pronounce the vowels very clearly. An ´a´ is an ´ah´ sound to me, and not ´aee´ as in many English dialects. I didn´t notice where you are from and it doesn´t seem to be on the page now. But the main language is Catalan (or more correctly Menorquín) and it is clear that Castellano is secondary. However, Castellano is much more easily understood by Menorcans than English and I would still use it. I´ve found myself well accepted by using it. It also helps if you can announce that you can´t speak Menorquín or Catalan, but you´re happy to speak Castellano.

The ´population´ here seems to be largely migratory. The island seems to shut in the winter due to its heavy dependency on tourism and because of this many of the people working here in the summer are not Menorcan. I´ve spoken to staff from all over Europe (Italy, England, France, Germany, Barcelona, Asturias :P), and for them, Castellano or English are the preferred languages.

As for gems, not really. It´s a small town and nothing is hiding. The restaurants on the seafront are overpriced, but okay if you like the view. There are also a few restaurants on the touristy pedestrianised street heading up from the municipal buildings which are nice. Café Es Pou is particularly good (and cheap). We haven´t spent a lot of time in Ciutadella because our hotel food is so good and because we´ve been going around the rest of the island.

Where will you be staying?

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