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Originally Posted by madrid2008 View Post
Gary, I took Ben and Marina to the best Indian in Madrid a while back, and they both loved it.

Happy to arrange a NFS Madrid Curry night if enough people are interested. Honestly, this place will blow you away.

Oooooh yes, expect a call next time I'm in town... Dont get me wrong the currys I,ve had have been very good indeed but they are different. I suppose having grown up in Leeds/Bradford area and been on the curry certainly since before B&M were even conceived I have grown accustomed to the style of cooking prevalent in West Yorks which I think would be Bangladeshi. Those from other areas of a massive subcontinent will no doubt have regional variations. The use of fresh chillis rather than powder may account for the Jalfrezi variations when in spain, its different - Mrs C prefers it, I have my own particular favourite curry house that produces the Chix Jal that is exactly to my taste, but Chicken Achaar (with limes) is not available there and so I have a different fav for that dish(same place does great fish pakora). Mums Yorkshire Puddings are always the best!!
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