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Originally Posted by mightykaboosh View Post
Pippa, I'm loving the second expression, I don't know enough Spaniards to generalise but it seems that you're not backward in coming forward and I love that..... it's a dying art.

Could you suggest a good translation for "testy" in Spanish that's not too colloquial?

(I tried Ben's "no hay tu tia" line from the latest notesfromspain blog on a guy from Barcelona the other day,he didn't think that it made any sense whatsoever).
Thanks, mkb. I used to be veeery veery shy as a child, but I can tell you that not anymore.

Not sure what do you mean by "testy". I would say that on its own would mean difícil, o irritable. I am a bit confused, as "no hay tu tía" I would say it is more or less equivalent to "no way, Jose". I couldn't see "no hay tu tía" in the link you gave, so I am not sure what has to do with "testy"

As Ben says, it may not be used in Barcelona, and it certainly has no sense as a modern sentence, but apparently it used to be "no hay tutía". Tutía was an old word for some sort of ointment, but it has been converted into the modern phrase: "no hay tu tía" as nobody knows what tutía is (or was!). Here is a link where it gets explained.
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