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One of the things that has made studying Spanish interesting for me has been seeing the shared roots that English and Spanish have, these almost invariably come from the words both languages have taken from Latin. A lot of the false friends listed did originally have, and for me, still have the same meaning in English as in Spanish. English seems to suffer more from words having their meaning changed because someone chooses to use it metaphorically or simply because two words that sound similar are interchanged in error. Reticent is a word that springs to mind, many people are using this (here in Australia anyway) where they actually mean reluctant. The ability (from what I've observed) of Spanish to maintain the meaning of its words may ultimately see it take over as the lingua franca of the world. While the ability of English to metamorphose and adopt words from other languages has been a plus in the past, I think the internet could, through its ability to rapidly disseminate information-true or false-ultimately be the downfall of English as it will simply become bogged down in unintelligible malopropism.

Apologies if I appear to be up on a soap-box about this.
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