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Default Cycling El Camino Real

Hi all,

I am hoping to find some information here about a potential trip to Spain to cycle to Santiago de Campostela along the northernmost route. I would be traveling for two+ weeks this October and am wondering about others' experiences with the following:

1. What's the weather like up north during October? Too cold/too wet to cycle the camino?

2. What's the best way to have a bike there. I have a bike I could bring from the US but it appears to be quite expensive (I've been told $300 each way for my carrier, Delta). Is it possible rent bikes for long treks/periods of time in Spain at a good rate? Any pointers to places that rent for the camino? Another option I am considering is buying a bike once I arrive. If I landed in Madrid where should I purchase the bike? Is it easy to travel by train to the north with a bicycle? If possible, is it expensive?

3. Has anyone done this sort of trip, either the whole camino or in part on a bicycle? I'd love to hear stories.

Thank you,

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