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Originally Posted by MrMark View Post
I want to add another THANK YOU to Ben and Marina: for keeping your sites ad-free. Another reason you're in a class of your own !
But in the end perhaps that is the problem. Ben mentioned issues with software updates and stopping spam but there are other issues as well. A forum/foro owner has a responsibility both legal and moral. This weekend I've spent a fair amount of time watching videos for people learning english (*) so that the links on the chat group do not course offense to anyone. It is time consuming. And then there are costs (real $Es). At least the ads can cover the latter.

I am involved with a flamenco forum just a bit more active than here but on the same scale. On that all costs are covered by a header band of ads. The ads merge well with the design and layout. They do not effect functionality. They are flamenco related and I have used them. And as they sit at the top they are hardly intrusive.

But whatever it was fun while it lasted

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