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Originally Posted by greytop View Post
And today's news of the multi billion $ swindle,

This news broke last thursday in some spanish media, due probaly to the large exposure of spanish banks to the fraude. However, it is beyond me why BBCnews24 has chose not to report it until now. Maybe it wasn't a good time to break more bad news. Another story which appeared in a scottish newspaper last week and has failed to make the headlines is that of the beleagured HBOS.

100 staff and their partners on an all expenses paid 4 day jolly to New York, spending money included, apparently as a reward for exceptional performance during the year. Maybe having a kneesup with Lehman brothers, Freddie mac& may.

The od boss of HBOS re-employed by the group merger for 60,000 . No, not annually, but monthly. I can't remember, dollars euros or pounds , not much difference now.
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