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Anyone want to say anything about yesterday Rafa's epic victory over Federer at Australia's final?

What amazes me more about Rafa Nadal, more than the tennis he plays, is his personality. Someone great is even greater when he/she shows a humble and honest soul. He is nice and polite beyond belief. For someone who is only 22 and has been away from home and school since he was a teenager (or before) it is amazing how he espontaneously knows what to say, how to behave in moments of great tension, in front of thousands.

At the trophy ceremony, right after the game, Federer collapsed in tears and couldnīt barely hold the microphone. Rafa's first words were "Roger, I'm sorry for today, you are the greatest champion I've known and hope to play with you many more times".

Bravo Rafa.
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