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The downside to it all is we often end up using bandwidth to download the endless stream of "updates" forced on us by develop-as-you-go software suppliers. Even with Linux I'm still getting updated modules every few days, admittedly usually less bytes than the Windows ones.
I can see that if I listen to BBC world service 12 hours a day I should pay more than you if you don't. Is there some way they can charge by type of service required? Streaming video would cost a lot, audio/voice telephony less, and file transfer a nominal sum.
It's a little bit like the electricity companies who've been encouraging us to buy all the latest gadgets and are now screaming about the monetary and environmental costs of supplying us with electricity. They had the wrong business plans and we get the blame and the higher bills.
At least we can feel less guilty in Spain than most places as they charge more for ADSL than most of Europe
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