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Default Mil Gracias!

Sr AleCcowaN:

Sir I would like to personally send to you my appreciation and gratitude for these great help of yours. Thank you for accepting my apology and my explanation. Filipinos like me have this trait called debt of gratitude especially for the persons who help us even in their own little way. You and Sra Rebecca are of GREAT HELP to us who really want to learn and perhaps dominar el espanol!!!

Im sorry about some of the sentences...Yeah these sentences are originally in a paragraph form and what I do is I cut it into pieces and present it as individual sentences so I may save time typing it....Sorry and it caused you some confusion with regards to its meaning...Yes you are right!!!! Some of it I think I DISTORTED the meaning by cutting the paragraph into sentences...

OK I will try to present my questions better next time!!!!

Thank you very much and God will always bless you and your family!!


Yes I still have a lot of questions to ask but let me reconstruct the sentences first into its original paragraph so I may not confuse you.

Muchas Gracias!
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