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Originally Posted by mightykaboosh View Post
That was only because the actor that played Darth Vader, Sebastian Shaw (West Country accent) and David Prowse (Norfolk accent) was a bit too country bumpkin for Starwars.

A similar thing happened with Terminator, Arnie wanted to do the voice over for the German audience, but because the Austrian accent sounds a bit farmerish to the Germans they canned his idea.
I was once told a story that David Prowse didn't know that he was going to be voiced over - nobody bothered telling him because it was so obvious that his English farmer's accent didn't really fit the character. Apparently he was fully expecting to hear his voice speak Darth Vader's lines when he first saw the film and was stunned to hear James Earl Jones' voice instead. I have this mental image of him after the film desperately trying to convince his sceptical mates that it really was him playing Darth Vader.
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