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Default Hola de la Región de los Lagos

Hi all

As yet I don't have the confidence to write in Spanish as I have only been learning for about 2-3 months. Even though as I'm writing this, I am translating the words to Spanish, just nowhere close to fluent! Anyways; I just wanted to say thanks to Ben and Marina for their hard work; this is proving to be an invaluable resource for myself. The reason I have started learning is because my brother lived and worked in Spain for a year and a half and came back to England fairly fluent. I have not long finished Uni and have always wanted to learn Spanish, so now have the time in which to dedicate myself. I am pretty much immersing myself in all things Spanish in my spare time; reading Spanish books and websites; listening to Spanish-speaking music; reading grammar books; listening to the podcasts; speaking with my brother and even changing the settings on all my portable devices as to only display the Spanish language text. This way I learnt another Falsos Amigo by way of my MP3 player; Carpeta - which means Folder in Spanish!

Finally; my real name isn't Harry Lime. Some of you probably know that Harry Lime is the character out of The Third Man; the book series as translated by Orson Welles. I use it all the time when I post on social networks. If I could go back and choose my name again I would call myself El Hombre Tercero.

Okay, that's all for the time being, speak soon.

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