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Originally Posted by Francisco Javier
If you like independent music, music of radio 3 I have several recommendations...
I suggest another Spanish independent and psychedelic band called Sidonie On their website you'll be able to listen some of the songs of their last album called Fascinado:

which is sung in Spanish altough they used to sing in English... Maybe the singer's pronunciation is difficult to understand at first but you can find the lyrics easily on their site. They are pretty good I think

Songs from Fascinado:

1. Fascinado
2. Dos Murciélagos
3. Bohéme
4. Fiebre
5. Jardín Polar
6. Gente de Barrett
7. Joe
8. Acrobacias en Exopotamia
9. MTA
10. Tienes Gracia
11. Viajero Nocturno

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