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Originally Posted by expatsinspain View Post
Someone does`t like Ryanair, with a vengeance... I hate Ryanair.
These twitter comments from your link sum it all up really!
  • RT @CalamityJen13: Trying to navigate the minefield that is Ryanair. So many charges hidden everywhere. #
  • RT @hughcurran: Girona is not even in Barcelona provence! You lied to me. Again. Oh how I loathe thee. #
  • RT @ryan_sherlock: Flying with bmi - such a nice experience versus ryanair #
  • RT @ralphcochrane: last flew Easyjet last week. Ryanair is horrible - Stansted crowds (canít call them queues). #
  • RT @moonklash: Grrrrr Ryanair, £100 for change of passenger! I will never fly with them through choice. #
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