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Originally Posted by kenpeace View Post
That's funny! Actually, that's hilarious.

The worst service I ever saw was on an internal US flight on United. Appaling in so many ways. Amazing that the country that prides itself on a service econmony has such awful airlines.

I used to quite enjoy Northwest but now they are part of Delta it's business as usual.

We had bad experiences with US airlines even before all the bad things that affected the major US airlines. And now it seems only worse, Unfortunatly to fly back to my wifes home country (Barbados)we can only US American Airlines (UN-American Airlines).

So when I fly to Europe I will always fly another airlines that have a reasonable reputation and a decent (not cut rate) price. Seemed to have had good luck with BA & Air France.

Bad news about BA & Ryan Air Now BA = Borg Airlines...

Oddly some of the discount airlines in the US seem to be the most friendly and considerate (minus the cattle call) to get your seats.
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