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Hi traveler!, I live near Santander and work there. I have also lived in both Gijón and Oviedo. Feel free to ask about those areas.
A quick view to (one of the most reputable sources when it comes to compare different provinces and evolution of prices, in my opinion) seems to indicate that prices have been somewhat down, but no so much as I expected. Those are prices on the "vivienda usada" market, but experts says that it's linked to the "vivienda nueva" market.
I personally expect them to continue on the way down until they are valued at least 10%-15% less than now. But I'm no expert, it's something to do with too higth value and too low wages (a personal perception).
Also bear in mind that Vizcaya province (Bilbao is its capital) is one of the most expensive in Spain (more than Madrid and Barcelona). Cantabria (Santander is its capital) is also expensive but no so much and Asturias (Oviedo and Gijón) have more moderate prices. Those are average prices, so even in an expensive province you can find moderate prices.
You can have a look to their "informes" here: (in Spanish).

Anyway, I could recommend you many nice areas (much better than talking about prices), specially if you are a little bit more specific about what are you looking for.
A turistic resort? an urban flat? a "lost in the mountains" house? a house in a not-so-turistic seaside area?
Do you want to be in those cities?, near them? or distance to the city does not matter?
How important are good connections?

One last thing, how much do you know about these areas? They are quite different from the rest of Spain (and between them) in many ways. I'd be glad to explain if you are not aware of those differences.
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