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Originally Posted by MCP View Post
Is there a dedicated road thread on this forum? There are so many things I'd like to mention with respect to driving in Spain, not least of which is the complete confusion we always face when driving around Madrid (usually from Valencia en route to the north and vice versa). Big signs to small places, no mention of main destinations until almost too late to see them, traffic cutting in from all sides, a numbering system which to us has always seemed semi-devoid of logic...! Oh well, I'm sure it just takes getting used to!
One of the things I've always wondered is how much pollution is caused by people getting lost and having to drive round in circles, simply because the council can't be bothered to (or doesn't have the competence to) clearly sign post roads. Everywhere in Spain seems to suffer from either missing signs or overloaded signs where you'd have to stop the car to take in all the information. The addiction to continuously re-structure junctions doesn't help either, nor does the addiction to keep building new toll roads and then direct (i.e. force) traffic onto them without making it clear that it's a toll road.
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