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Originally Posted by shrty411 View Post
I was interested if anyone had a "method " to learning vocab.
Not really, but my daily exposure to the Spanish language (reading, listening, watching and writing) has been a great help over the past six years. I always keep a notebook ready when I'm listening to the podcasts or when I'm watching Spanish TV. There used to be a time when I looked up almost every new word, but this will keep you from learning in a more 'fun' sort of way.

IMO, any Spanish-related activity (going to a concert, watching a Spanish-language movie, etc.) will help you to learn more.

Compiling special groups of words is something which I'm definitely interested in, but I find it rather time-consuming as well. Yet it may pay off to keep separate lists, for instance when you are interested in certain topics. I just learned the Spanish word for rhubarb, ruibarbo (Gary mentioned rhubarb on another thread and I decided to look up its Spanish equivalent). Now I will file it under FRUITS AND VEGETABLES.

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