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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
[B]A: The happy-go-lucky no-work-Visa way:

Three: The 90 day rule.
In theory your entry visa is good for 90 days, but don’t worry, if you spend longer in Spain you will not be thrown into jail or banned from coming back when you try to leave. Just have an excuse handy (”My Spanish studies lasted longer than I had anticipated…”, for example…)


Any further info on American citizens working in Spain with or without a visa, comments, suggestions, criticisms or refutations, are welcome below:

I am an American planning to move to Spain this September. I'll be teaching English in Madrid and already have a position lined up with an academy. Now, from this post, I see that people just up and go to Spain w/o proper working papers or Visas, but I am not comfortable with this. I know that it's immensely difficult to get a Working permit, so I'm trying to go the Student Visa route.

Does anyone know any universities, schools, or institutes in which I could enroll in through which I could get a Visa???

I would prefer that they be as cheap as possible (I just graduated from college this past June and can't afford to spend my meager savings on school--again). Also, I majored in Spanish at college, so the quality of the university/school can be awful (I don't need to learn Spanish).

Please, any information you have is greatly appreciated. Thank you soooo very much!!!

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