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In Andalusia there is not an only accent, there is several. For example, the inhabitants from northern Huelva don't have the same accent that the inhabitants of southern Huelva. The inhabitants fromo southern Huelva, Cadiz, Malaga, etc, have the typical closed, very marked Andalusian, but those of the north of Huelva have a Castilian accent, for anything Andalusian. Nothing. Inhabitants from Córdoba nor a very closed Andalusian accent, but you already observe some variants. And the same thing happens with those of Jaen or Almeria, that is few or nothing. To find the strong Andalusian accent it is necessary to go to Malaga, Cadiz and south of Huelva. Seville and Granada would be near

I say it because I have made the military service in Córdoba (I am not Andalusian) and I have friends from all Andalusia and other places of Spain
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