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Originally Posted by Urgellenk View Post
I do think this new rule is congruent with the general Spanish spelling rules. It is true that most people pronounce "truhan" and "guion" like they were two-syllable words, but they are actually not. The general spelling rule is that, in order to break up a diphthong, you have to put a tilde on the weak vowel ("i" or "u"), never on the strong vowel. Therefore, truhan and guion are monosyllabic words - because the diphthong is not broken, and as such, should not have any tilde.
But, it exist one rule by which all words finished in "on" must have tilde. For instance: Camión, acción, canción, cabrón, tirón. If it weren't so, it would have to pronounce as a word "llana".
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