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I dunno. Talking to your self can be helpful. I select a subject and then try and mentally explain it in Spanish to an imaginary person who doesn't understand what I'm talking about.

Mostly tho I use el Jueves. I just thrash my way thru it as best I can with the help of a big dictionary and a good friend at the end of the email who is Spanish with near perfect English.

I started with evening classes, then after a year they changed tutors to someone whose teaching skills were next to nonexistant, in a class that included people with abilities from almost fluent down to those who could barely rub two words together.

So, I guess I'm mostly self taught. I am a sad grammar lover. I find grammar fascinating, and find it useful to understand the way a language lies. To me it's a bit like dissecting a body to see how it works. Plus it gives you the advantage of understanding WHY A is different to B, instead of just learning it parrot fashion.

I also buy some books in Spanish and work my way thru them, and I enjoy reading el Pais over tapas.
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