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Thanks for an interesting podcast Marina & Ben - nice to have them back.

I always thought I was too old for Facebook (late 40s), but when my daughter recently spent 6 months in Mexico teaching & then travelling it was absolutely brilliant. We were able to keep in contact and see how she was doing...expecially reassuring for my wife. Equally we got to see some great photos from Chichen Itza, Tasco, San Cristobal etc. Coupling that with being able to chat on Skype, the world does seem to be getting smaller.

Now my daughter is back, I can see how much time people spend on Facebook with messages, uploading photos etc. I can understand why some firms have banned its use at work.

The local 6th Form College where I did AS Spanish last year also has banned it from the school servers...too much traffic I suppose.

Another factor that I hadn't realised is how little my daughter and her friends use ordinary email these days. They use Facebook to chat direct to their friends via the site. Don't know if that will impact on Microsoft's future revenues.
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