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That's all folks! It's Friday and as outlined above the forum is now closed to new posts. Registered members up until now will still be able to check their old private messages for a few days, in case there is any vital info in there you need.

It's sad to have to close down this wonderful community, but I hope the interest in our work will live on via the work we'll be doing at Notes in Spanish and here on the blog.

As for the success of this forum, the stats speak for themselves:

Threads: 9,673, Posts: 86,032, Members: 8,024

Amazing! Marina and I aren't stopping work in any way at all, on November 22nd we have a new Notes in Spanish project launching, we'll be revealing more details about that on Monday over at - do make sure you are signed up for the newsletter there (via the form on this page) to find out more about that, and to keep learning Spanish with us as we move forward. I'll still be blogging about Spain on the main blog page here too.

Many thanks to you all again!

Saludos from Madrid,

Ben y Marina
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