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Thank you for the detailed information! Yes, her classes will be mainly through the University of Sevilla. Her university here consistently sends students to Sevilla, so we were armed with a bit of information, but nothing with options or details!

We wanted to be able to have mobile broadband also to avoid having to use a wi-fi hotspot on a regular basis to contact the States due to the time difference--don't need her to have to run out at 3am! For everything else, a wifi hotspot will be ideal.

A friend of hers who study in Sevilla last year recommended Vodafone and said that it was easy to find and use. But she didn't have any pricing information that she could remember and we wanted to be a little more aware of what we were getting into instead of just plunging in blind.

One question, I do appreciate the information on Lebara and I understand you use it, but when I went to the website, Spain was NOT listed as a country available. It went from Somalia to Sri Lanka on the list!

Can you purchase a Lebara simlock free phone at their stores? Would you have a possible price range? And would you recommend Lebara over Vodafone?

The prices seem reasonable and may eliminate the need for us to have her bring our phone also (was considering an international package through our carrier of AT&T for peace of mind sake). At the current exchange, the .37 connection and .10 per minute is a fabulous rate (US was .99 per minute to Spain).

Thank you again for your time and information!
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