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Default Please and Thankyou in Spain

Hi Ben and Marina,

When I was visiting my cousin in La Coruņa in 1998 - everyone (the Spanish) kept telling me not to be so polite - "stop saying please and thankyou all the time" spanish teacher (una catalana) said also - "please and thankyou are not used as often as in english" - except for big favours, receiving gifts etc. But between say a family it's all - pass the salt, get me a cup of tea, give me it etc. without the social niceties on either end. It's very difficult, being an english speaker, to remove these when I speak spanish. I know it is fine to keep them in my conversation, but just wondering deep down in the cultural heart of it all, does it make you sound more foreign to keep the please and thankyou? - and also, how would you differentiate in spanish asking for something in a more stern and forcefull manner (in english you would leave out the please and thankyou - but they are already gone in the spanish method)?

Thanks, O0
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