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Originally Posted by Diana View Post
On the way, they interviewed many people in each country and in India they travelled, meditated, did yoga, listened to monks and studied Eastern philosophies - searching for ways to happiness and freedom in life and a better way to help (as psychologists) others to cope.
Interesting stories, Diana! It says in their travelogue they have been to Dharamsala. That name sounds familiar to me because the SOS Children's Village for Tibetan children in that town was supported by our high school. Every month, the pupils who took part in the project made a donation and once, the sister of the Dalai Lama even paid us a visit to tell us about Dharamsala! I'm intrigued by the way in which the Tibetans cope with adversity.

The stories about Iran were also interesting. To be honest, I would never go there myself because I do not agree with the political regime there nor with the enforced dress code for women, but it's interesting to read about the lives of ordinary Iranians.

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