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Josť Mota is one of the many Spanish comedians what who have shown enormous talent over the years his enormous talent. He have realized has made numerous works (comedians usually have acts instead of works, though) where he picks on the topical political issues. Here, I have put two very hilarious videos very hilarious. In both, Josť Mota plays the role of Rajoy, leader of the opposition to the government. This last is Zapatero (It's his name, but as well also means "shoemaker" in English).

It's is subtitled in Spanish, so you won't lost miss any words, and it's perfect for those with an advanced level who want to know about everyday expressions. Also, I'd like to remember remind you that in the second video is "eaten" the "d" is "eaten" (we would probably say "swallowed" in English), because it's written as it's pronunciated pronounced. I hope you enjoy them as much as to me (or, more properly, as much as I do).

I think it's been twenty years since I heard Jesus Christ Superstar; I sure wasn't expecting to hear a parody of it! Can we assume this Rajoy person is a little sanctimonious and full of himself?
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