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Check out this thread for an explanation of esperar and why the use of the subjunctive with this verb is not always correct.

Regarding your question about how to indicate that you're expecting to do something rather than just hoping to, I'm not sure what to tell you since the verb esperar can have both meanings. Usually the context of the conversation, the interaction between speakers and the tone of voice, gives the subtle clues as to how strong the intention is and what the meaning is.

It's the same in English. Two different people can say the same exact words in the exact same phrase but convey completely different meanings depending on their intonation and body language.

If you want to give a neutral response to the invitation, just stick with "Espero ir a la fiesta."

If you want to give an unequivocal response indicating that you're 100% committed to attending the party, you could use the verb PENSAR + IR. (Pienso ir a la fiesta = I intend to go to the party. I plan to go to the party.)

If you can't go to the party and want a polite way of expressing that, "ojalá pudiera ir a la fiesta" = If only I could go to the party! (I wish I could go to the party...but I can't.)

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