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Originally Posted by ceylon View Post
.... I wish there was a little less negativity about England!

For example advanced podcast 46 talks of robberies and violence and that England is much more violent than Spain. Well maybe London is....but where I live in the North I don't imagine that crime exceeds the rate of crime in Madrid!
I have not heard Ben and Marina's podcasts, but with regards to the violence in England, you have to bear in mind that Ben has lived in Brixton (according to Errant in Iberia, his book) and there is a good deal of violence there. My own experience in Brixton (I have only been three or four times) was going to a hen night in that area, and just before travelling from leafy-west London I had the TV on when they mentioned in the London news that there have been a fight with guns and the rest and several injured. When I arrived by tube in Brixton tube station (and this was still daylight) I was offered drugs at the tube entrance by two people, and the whole night was like a concert of police cars tht we heard from the flat.

I also worked for a year in Croydon and we had a good deal of violence in Casualty.

And when I worked in North Manchester, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays nights used to be quite violent. We used to have minimum of six to ten people from fights in Casualty every night. I particularly remember one night that I was on my own and I had about 15 people coming from a pub that had been hit by a drunk with a broken bottle. The maxilo-facial doctors were quite busy!

On the other hand I have lived in very quiet places in England and Wales. One's opinion depends on one's own experience.
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