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Originally Posted by mightykaboosh View Post
I have one further question on this. Give it to him: (How's this work with the imperative)

dÚle la pelota? how's it work if you remove "la pelota" se la dÚ? / dÚsela
Rules for position of the object pronouns:
Normally separately before the verb
indirect object / direct object / verb
NB: If both are needed and the indirect object is "le" change it to a "se" as you did in your example

But after the verb (and added to it) with
1. the infinitive (darselo)
2. the gerund (dandoselo)
3. the affirmative imperative (daselo)

Note: with the negative imperative they go before the verb (no se lo des)

I knew those old notes would come in handy one day
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